Wildlands CPR

Wildlands CPR was a Brainerd Foundation grantee from 2000 to 2012.

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Wildlands CPR Grant history


$2,500 - To help develop a regulatory program for addressing water quality impacts from all forest roads. Opportunity fund


$3,000 - To encourage government agency staff to effectively integrate stimulus and restoration program funding. Opportunity fund


$50,000 - To protect and restore wildlife and fisheries habitat on public lands by promoting road removal, preventing new road construction and limiting off-road vehicles. Place-based conservation


$25,000 - For strategic planning, marketing and fundraising activities. Conservation capacity


$20,000 - To protect and restore wildlands ecosystems by promoting road removal and revegetation, preventing road construction and limiting motorized recreation on public lands to designated roads. Place-based conservation


$20,000 - To coordinate an organized response to the threats of motorized recreation to public lands and increase public support for road removal and restoration on public lands. Place-based conservation