Northern Plains Resource Council

Northern Plains Resource Council was a Brainerd Foundation grantee from 2001 to 2005.

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Northern Plains Resource Council Grant history


$2,000 - To help efforts after an industry-backed smear campaign was launched to cast doubt on the group's mission, members, and funders. Opportunity fund


$20,000 - To ensure that future coalbed methane development in Montana complies with all applicable state and federal regulations, proceeds in a prudent, orderly manner, and protects the existing agricultural economy, water quality, air quality, wildlife, soils, and other resources. Place-based conservation


$20,000 - To implement a coal bed methane-driven 'Doing It Right' Campaign and continued monitoring of the Stillwater Mining Company Good Neighbor Agreement. Place-based conservation


$20,000 - To strengthen the rural membership base in eastern Montana in order to more effectively advocate for the protection of the region's natural resource heritage. Place-based conservation


$300,000 - To improve organizational capacity and effectiveness. Conservation capacity