Our Conservation Capacity program focuses on three initiatives that build upon the foundation's historic investments.

  • Inspire the next generation of conservation philanthropists
  • Strengthen the capacity of emerging conservation leaders and activists
  • Support a culture of innovation within conservation advocacy organizations

Photo by the Washington Bus Education Fund.

Measures of success

By the time the foundation sunsets in 2020, we aim to see:

  • Increased dollars directed toward conservation organizations.
  • Enhanced donor capacity for making strategic investments in conservation nonprofits.
  • Increased ability of (and opportunity for) emerging leaders to step into leadership roles in conservation organizations.
  • Conservation organizations adopting the cultures, structures, and strategies needed to attract the next generation of leaders and advocates.
  • Expanded citizen engagement in conservation issues.

Photo by Groundwire.

Typical conservation capacity grantees

  • An organization that trains philanthropists to give with strategic intent
  • A conservation organization that is actively identifying and engaging future leaders to shape its work
  • An advocacy organization pursuing fresh ideas and experimenting to broaden its reach and effectiveness

The Boreal forest of North America.
The Boreal forest of North America. Photo by Wayne Sawchuck.

Meet some of our grantees in conservation capacity

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Typical conservation capacity grants range from $10,000 to $50,000 and can be awarded for multiple years. Inquiries are accepted on an ongoing basis. Grants are awarded at one of three board meetings held each year. Proposals are accepted by invitation only.

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